Chaz Bono Talks About His Transition

Once known as Chastity, Chaz Bono is settling into his new life as a man, and stopped by The Grove to chat with "Extra's" Mario Lopez.

Documenting his gender transformation through his powerful documentary, "Becoming Chaz," and a tell-all book, "Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man," Chaz said, "It took me a long time to get here... a lot of years worrying about what everybody else would think if I did this. Once I got past that, it's all been really smooth sailing."

Bono told Lopez he feels "comfortable and living in my body instead of my head." He also admitted, "I've hated my body since puberty."


Chaz's famous mother, Cher, was "incredibly supportive" when she first learned of his desire to become a man. "Then the real reality started to hit her. I think she started to go through a bit of mourning for her daughter," Chaz revealed.

Check out Chaz's incredible "Transition" available in bookstores now.