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'Extra' Exclusive: Paula Abdul on Re-Teaming with Simon Cowell

New "X Factor" judge Paula Abdul sat down with "Extra's" Terri Seymour at the 11th Annual Lupus Los Angeles Orange Bowl to talk about joining her pal Simon Cowell in the upcoming FOX show -- and about that last-minute deal!

"It was a real sweet homecoming to see Simon again," smiled Abdul, saying how grateful she was Simon pushed for her. "That means a lot in this business."

The dancer/singer also explained why the deal was signed in the 11th hour. "You have to take time to make sure all the i's are dotted, the t's crossed, that's the way the Hollywood business works."

As for the rumors she is already feuding with fellow judge Cheryl Cole, Abdul scoffed, "Honestly, come on, I'm not competing with any of the girls. Why is it always the girls that need to be placed in arguments and argumentative situations? It's baloney, it's BS." She added, "And they never blame it on guys. But that's where the real drama is."

Abdul is just honored to be part of "The X Factor," saying "It's warm and fuzzy right now -- with a little bit of vinegar poured on top. It's fun, we're having a blast."

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