Top Female Celebrity Smiles

Good oral health is essential to good general health! In celebration of Women's Health Month, "Extra" fans voted on their favorite female A-list smiles! Check out the results below.

Top Female Celebrity Smiles

6. Natalie Portman (6.7%)

This Oscar-winning beauty's smile is more radiant than ever, now that she's expecting!

5. Jessica Alba (7.6%)

Jessica's beaming smile is always a fan-favorite!

4. Halle Berry (12.9%)

Halle's timeless smile is rumored to be one of the most requested ones in cosmetic dentistry.

3. Anne Hathaway (15.8%)

This Oscar-nominated beauty has had us smitten with her smile since "Princess Diaries."

2. Julia Roberts (21.3%)

Talk about a "million dollar" smile... Julia Roberts reportedly earned $1.5 million to do nothing but smile in an Italian commercial for Lavazza.

1. Sofia Vergara (35.7%)

The lovely "Modern Family" star tops the poll, earning celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise Austin's first prize for her dazzlingly white, perfect, red-carpet smile.

Stay tuned all month long and for expert tips and advice on how you can make your health a top priority! And visit Walgreens for all your women's wellness needs!