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Jerry Bruckheimer Considers Making Bin Laden Movie

If anyone can make a kick-butt movie about the Osama bin Laden raid, it would be "Pirates of the Caribbean" producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

"We're certainly kicking around some ideas," Bruckheimer told "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli at the "POTC 4" junket. "We're big fans of the Special Forces and what they've done for our country and how they protect."

And what about bin Laden's death making it into the upcoming "24" movie?

"24" star Kiefer Sutherland tweeted Tuesday, "Sometimes real life is better than fiction. The world is a safer place." Sutherland recently told "Extra" the movie based on the gritty FOX series is moving forward. "We are hoping to have the film out summer of 2012."

Also in the works is an action thriller from "The Hurt Locker" director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal, tentatively titled "Kill Bin Laden." It was originally based on a failed Black Ops mission by the U.S. military to capture the Al-Qaida leader, but is now in major rewrites.