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Alec Baldwin to Howard Stern: It's Payback

After the fifth season of "30 Rock" wrapped in NYC this week, Alec Baldwin talked to Howard Stern's wife, Beth, about politics and getting back at her husband. "Your husband would torture me about my ex-wife when I was married her. He used to always give me the business... what's it like to have sex with blah blah blah," Baldwin explained.

The "30 Rock" star said he would consider running for office and told Beth she could join him on the political stage, as his spouse. "I'm not saying this to be hurtful to anyone, but if anything ever happened to Howard... if he should injure himself, if he were to slip and impale himself on a chess piece... if I had you, you'd be a fabulous political wife."

Capital Idea! Alec Supports the Arts

If Alec is serious about his political thoughts, he definitely would have some competition from Donald Trump, who is thinking about running for President. Who would you vote for? Vote in "Extra" and PopEater's Poll!