Ralph Macchio Says He Might Do Karate Move on 'DWTS'

"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Ralph Macchio headed to The Grove to chat with "Extra" host Mario Lopez about all the hard work that goes into competing on the show -- and how Macchio may throw in a "Karate Kid" move!

"I kinda look younger than my 49 years," Macchio admitted. "But my knees and lower back never got that memo, so I'm feeling it physically."

Lopez said it would be really cool if the actor, while on "DWTS," used his famous crane stance from the film that made him a star.

Macchio responded, "They've been asking me for that since the ink was dry on the contract. I explained there is a reason why that move worked in the movie because the character had to earn it through the story and the journey, so if I earn it through the story and the journey [on 'DWTS'], then we will find a way!"

The actor also said he taught dancing partner Karina Smirnoff how to "wax on and wax off." He laughed, "She was doing it incorrectly, and I needed to straighten that out right away!"

Macchio and Smirnoff continue their quest on Monday for the mirrored ball on "Dancing with the Stars"!

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