Internet Phenom Rebecca Black on Haters and Death Threats

YouTube singing sensation Rebecca Black stopped by The Grove to talk with "Extra" host Mario Lopez about her sudden rise to fame -- and the death threats she's been receiving because of it.

The 13-year-old is wowed by hundred-million views her video of "Friday" has received so far. "It's weird. I'm still trying to process, is that really MY video?"

Black also responded to the backlash -- including death threats -- from harsh critics calling her the "Black Plague," which has forced her to travel with a bodyguard.

"I think that's kind of weird. It's a song," the young singer said. "It's not like I ran for president. What did I do? I sang a song about a day." Lopez assured her, "There's always going to be haters. You could have sung about Monday and they would have hated you for that, too."

Rebecca thinks the rumor "Glee" may be doing a show featuring her song is "sooo cool!" "I'm a Gleek!" she gushed. "When I found out that 'Glee' was like possibly... like... ahh! That would be so cool!" And who would she want to sing it? "I really like Kurt. I'm a Kurt person, so that would be really cool. I like the Warblers."