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'Cougar Town' Star Josh Hopkins 'Just Friends' with Courteney Cox

"Extra" caught up with "Cougar Town" stars Josh Hopkins and Courteney Cox at a special event where the show was honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Josh asserted that he and Courteney, the famous ex-"Friend," are "just friends."

The pair sparked rumors of romantic involvement after they were snapped in their swimwear during a paradise getaway to St. Bart's last month. Hopkins unexpectedly said of their island adventure, "She [Courteney] was actually trying to help me look for ladies. She's a good wingman," adding, "Every guy knows when you are with a hot girl, all the other hot guys are like, 'What's he got, he must be cool,' so it only helps."

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Courteney chimed in and laughed, "He's boring," and verified he was telling the truth.

When asked about their TV chemistry, Josh revealed, "We have a like sensibility, we have a like sense of humor... we all really do on the show. When the cameras stop -- I know it's cliché -- we really are friends... we really are."

The actor expressed his genuine fondness for Courteney, saying, "I love her so much," but reiterated, "We are just friends."