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Colin Egglesfield Smitten with 'Extra' Correspondent!

"Extra's" Renee Bargh was showered with compliments when she interviewed two of Hollywood's hottest men, Colin Egglesfield and John Krasinski of "Something Borrowed."

Colin asked Renee, "So you're the hot Australian, huh?" She laughed and said, "Are we rolling?" He went on to compliment Renee on her dress, saying, "It's very cute."

Egglesfield plays Kate Hudson's fiancé in "Something Borrowed," but ends up in bed with her BFF -- "The Office" star John Krasinski playing the friend caught in the middle.

John dished about the uncertainty of who will take over Steve Carell's place on the hit show. "As far as who's going to take over for Steve... no one will take over for Steve. As far as who's going to be the boss... I don't know," Krasinski admitted. The actor also addressed rumors of whether guest star Will Ferrell will join "The Office" full-time. John replied, "I don't know if those rumors are going to be true. It was Will who called the show and said, 'I love Steve, I love the show, and if you think it would help, I'd love to be on the show.'"

After the interview, Colin, who was clearly smitten with Renee, tweeted this message: "If you ever get the chance to be interviewed by the lovely @ReneeBargh from Extra! I'd highly recommend it. Quite talented that Aussie!"

"Something Borrowed" will be deposited in theatres May 6.