Soapageddon! 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' Canceled

It's a bad day for the soap opera world. ABC announced Thursday their soaps "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" will conclude their long runs and will be replaced with two new shows.


In a statement from ABC, the network said they were "guided by extensive research into what today's daytime viewers want and the changing viewing patterns of the audience," in making their decisions.

"'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' are iconic pieces of television that have made an indelible mark on our culture's history," reflected said Brian Frons, President, Daytime, Disney ABC/Television Group. "Each of the shows has touched millions and millions of viewers and informed the social consciousness. It has been a privilege to work with the extraordinary teams who brought the residents of Pine Valley and Llanview to life each day, and we thank the cast, crew, producers and most especially the fans for their commitment to the shows through their history."

Even though "All My Children" star Susan Lucci previously denied the rumor to "Extra's" Mario Lopez, she issued a statement saying, "It's been a fantastic journey. I've loved playing Erica Kane and working with Agnes Nixon and all the incredible people involved with 'All My Children.' I'm looking forward to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities."

Kelly Ripa, who starred on "All My Children" from 1990 to 2002, said, "This is like losing a member of your family. 'All My Children' was more than a job -- it was my family. It was there that I met my husband; it was there when my first two children were born; it was there where I met many of my life-long friends. It was the greatest training ground ever. I feel heart sick."

Life-long "All My Children" fan Carol Burnett said, "Boo. Hiss. Life wont be the same without Pine Valley."

ABC said they will launch two new shows, "The Chew," to premiere in September 2011, and "The Revolution" (working title), which will premiere in January 2012. The statement reads, "These new shows expand ABC Daytime's focus to include more programming that is informative and authentic and centers on transformation, food and lifestyle -- cornerstones of programming that resonates with daytime viewers as evidenced by the success of 'The View.'"

"While we are excited about our new shows and the shift in our business, I can't help but recognize how bittersweet the change is," said Frons. "We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. They will also provide enormous opportunity for the creation of ancillary businesses and growth."

"General Hospital," the second-most popular show in daytime, is not impacted by this announcement and will remain on the air.