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Dr. Drew on Catherine Zeta-Jones' Bipolar Disorder: 'She is Strong'

"Extra" Lifechanger Dr. Drew Pinsky says Catherine Zeta-Jones is taking the right steps to get better, after she revealed her struggle with bipolar II disorder. The doc shared his thoughts on her illness and explained, "Certainly stress played a role in this. Catherine Zeta-Jones is a very strong person."

The actress faced a difficult year as she took care of husband Michael Douglas, who battled and overcame throat cancer. The couple also experienced a scary public scuffle with paparazzi in London, with Jones claiming a photographer had punched her. Dr. Drew reveals people with bipolar disorder can become disturbed and stressed quite easily. "They have delicate chemistry. That can tip them off the scale."

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According to People, Catherine once said that she had a "dark cloud" looming over her, but Pinsky points out that with proper treatment and medication, she can manage the disorder. "She understands her condition. She understands it's a medical condition with a medical solution. It's no different than if she had arthritis in her knee -- she can handle it, move on and lead a completely normal life."