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Kirstie Alley Gaga for Travolta's 'Gotti' Gig

"Dancing with the Stars" favorite Kirstie Alley will appear on Thursday's "Oprah" to show-off all her best moves, and she tells "Extra" she's thrilled for pal John Travolta's new role as John Gotti. "I think that's the most brilliant thing. He asked me should he do it. And it was a no-brainer. I'm ecstatic, I can't wait to see him."

We showed Alley a video clip of Travolta's special message to her on "Extra." In the message, John urged the TV audience to support his friend, saying, "I want everyone to vote for Kirstie!" The actress smiled and kissed the iPad screen to show her appreciation.

Kirstie stopped by Harpo Studios last week to tape an appearance on "Oprah" with her "Dancing" pro, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. She said Winfrey couldn't have been happier, especially with Maks. "Oprah couldn't keep her hands off Maks. He was up there dancing and she ran up there and she grabbed his shirt and ripped it off."

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The jokester informed "Extra" that in next week's "DWTS," she will perform "a porn foxtrot. It's never been done. See it here on ABC... with your children."

After the "Dancing with the Stars" show, Kirstie Alley and other contestants went out for a bite to eat. Watch, courtesy of PopTV!

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