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Trump Pumped Up by Palin

He's a billionaire, real estate magnate and TV boss, but can Donald Trump gather enough votes to make him the next President of the United States?


Commenting on Donald's reiteration of doubts about the President's birthplace -- whether Obama was truly born in Hawaii -- former Gov. Sarah Palin appeared on FOX's "Judge Jeanine" and expressed her support for the billionaire. "More power to him... you know he's not just throwin' stones from the sidelines, he's diggin' in there!"

What Prompted Donald to Possibly Run for President?

Trump sounded-off to "Extra" in NYC Monday, again criticizing President Obama. "He may go down as the worst president in the history of the country." In the past, Trump has referred to the U.S. as "a laughingstock" and explained that a president should seek to improve the nation's global reputation as a financial leader.

If elected, Donald vowed he would not raise taxes and would focus on creating more jobs. The "Celebrity Apprentice" boss promised, "I'm gonna make this country great again if I run and if I win."

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