Meet Kim Cattrall of 'Meet Monica Velour'

During an appearance at The Grove on Thursday with "Extra's" Mario Lopez, "Meet Monica Velour" star Kim Cattrall was asked by a fan, "If you were a porn star in real life, what would your porn name be?" The actress replied, "My first pet was Fluffy and my street [I grew up on] was Dawn, so it would be "Fluffy Dawn."

Cattrall gave Mario the inside scoop on her latest film, "Meet Monica Velour," in which she plays an '80s porn star who befriends a fan. Kim revealed how she altered her body for the role. "Physically, I had to transform myself. I had to gain 20 pounds, which was fantastic." The actress indulged in pizza, which was "high on her list" of guilty pleasures to happily pack on the extra pounds.

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Cattrall has since slimmed down, telling Lopez, "It was heaven putting it on and hell taking it off," adding, "I have a huge appetite... not just for men."

"Meet Monica Velour" begins pleasing audiences in theaters this Friday.