Lifechangers: Steve Zim Helps 3 Women Get Their Wedding Day Bodies Back!

This week's Lifechangers focuses on fitness trainer Steve Zim and how he helps three women; Caroline, Victoria, and Corianna, to get back into their wedding dresses in as little as six weeks!

It's considered the happiest day in a woman's life, and usually the thinnest... until those newlywed and baby pounds start packing on. Newlywed Corianna blames her extra pounds on dining out, while Caroline and Victoria are having a difficult time shedding the baby weight.

After six weeks of diet and exercise, were these former brides able to slip back into their gowns? Watch the "Extra" Lifechangers video to find out!

As the women attempt to slide into their dresses, Corianna admits, "I can't pull it up," while Caroline says, "My dress was a size zero, custom made. I have no idea how that thing's getting on." Steve tells the women the workout plan is simple, but tough. "I need them to commit to three to five times a week of weight training, five days a week of cardio, then they have to really focus on nutrition. All three parts have to be there to get you from point A to B."