Kirstie Alley Talks Twitter, Tattoos and Travolta

Devoted fans of Kirstie Alley showed their support after her fall on Monday's episode of "Dancing with the Stars" via Twitter. Alley told "Extra's" Renee Bargh, "The thing I heard constantly -- it's not about the fall, it's about getting up."

After the performance, the duo triumphed with a high score of 21 from the judges. The fan favorite joked, "I blew my voice out. Maks blew his leg out. Hell, we're falling apart!"

"Dancing" Says Goodbye to Another Star!

Alley permanently marked the unforgettable night with a wrist tattoo that said "Unbroken," explaining, "I wanted to commemorate this show for me... that I could look at [during the rest of the show]."

Kirstie added that she and former New Kids on the Block singer Jonathan Knight are "just friends," and insists she can persuade good pal John Travolta to make an appearance on the show. "I gotta call him. I'm gonna get him out here."