Video! Britney Spears in 'Jackass' Stunt -- 'Poo Cocktail Supreme'

Before Britney Spears took to Jimmy Kimmel's stage last night to perform her new single, "Till the World Ends," they showed footage of the singer inside a porta-potty about to do a stunt she would probably regret.


Thanks to Johnny Knoxville from "Jackass 3-D," Spears was locked inside the portable john lodged between bungee ropes before soaring through the air. The toilet bounced up and down and the pop star became part of what was called the "poo cocktail supreme."


The 29-year-old tweeted about the stunt on Tuesday: "Just did my first @jackassworld stunt with Knoxville and company. Knoxville better watch his back... -Britney."

Check out the hilarious video!