Lifechangers: Are Brussels Sprouts the New Botox?

"Extra" Lifechanger and registered dietician Alyse Levine is turning back the clock with superfoods that can change your life. First up -- Brussels sprouts.

"Brussels sprouts are my food version of Botox," explained Levine. "Brussels sprouts actually have more vitamin C than any other vegetable, and vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen, necessary to decrease the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles."

Cherries can help your workouts, Levine said, "They are loaded in antioxidants that actually help to reduce the aches and pains in your muscles and joints. Consuming cherries after those workouts can help you recover quicker and be more likely to stick to your exercise regimen."

Pumpkin seeds are good for getting the blood flowing? "They're actually loaded, surprisingly, with iron, and 1 in 5 women in their 20s and 30s are actually iron-deficient," answered Levine. "It's a great snack for them to consume. A one-ounce serving of pumpkin seeds has about 25% of your daily iron needs."

Chia seeds are also extremely healthy, Levine explained, "They're a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and in addition to lowering your risk of heart disease, Omega 3s may actually help to elevate your mood or help you with those winter blues."

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