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'DWTS' Cast Members Sound-Off on Chris Brown's Appearance

The stars leading the pack on Monday's "Dancing with the Stars" were jivin' Ralph Macchio and quickstep quarterback, Hines Ward.

Audience favorite Kirstie Alley follows closely in third place -- scoring big and losing big. "I figure every week with the dancing is [losing] 5 pounds," Alley tells "Extra's" Renee Bargh. Kirstie admitted she isn't sure exactly how much weight she's lost, but definitely plans to celebrate by treating herself to new threads. "I gotta get on the scale. I'm going to buy new clothes. Yeah!"

See Kirstie Kill It on the Premiere of "DWTS"

It's no secret Kirstie and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy at first butted heads, but their hard work seems to be paying off. After their quickstep on Monday, the actress shared a big kiss with Maks! Renee said the smooch looked passionate, and Alley retorted, "Are you high?"

Cheryl Burke Talks to "Extra" About Her Painful Secret

Cheryl Burke voiced her opinion regarding tonight's episode, which will feature "GMA's" alleged window smasher, Chris Brown. "As a victim of domestic violence, I don't agree with him coming on the show, but it's out of my control," said Burke.

An excited Wendy Williams had a different take on Brown's appearance and said, "I can't wait, I can't wait! What's gonna happen?"

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