Will Ferrell and the Dish Around "The Office"

"Extra" was in on the laughs at the first annual Comedy Awards Saturday, joking with honorees Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Jon Stewart.

Ferrell was excited about joining "The Office" in the upcoming four-episode arc. "I'm starting the role of D'Angelo Vickers, the new manager who's taking over 'The Office,'" explained the actor. "It's pretty exciting. I love the show and it's an honor to be a part of it."

The "Other Guys" star and his pal, director Adam McKay, had some advice for Charlie Sheen, who is going on the road with his own comedy show.

"Just keep working out," Ferrell suggested. "He's got a great workout regime." McKay added, "I think a lot of times we lose site as Americans on what it's really about. How your torso's looking, how ripped you are. I gotta say on that level, he is a winner. People can make fun of him all they want, but he's looking good."

"Extra" also caught up with "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, who said he'd love it if Donald Trump ran for president. "A gift from God. That is, if he's to continue this, it would be a gift from God. He would be, in fact, gold-plating my living room. I'd be excited to see him do that."