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Video! Charlie Sheen Kisses Jimmy Kimmel in Surprise Appearance

The crowd went wild for Charlie Sheen on Monday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" when Sheen surprised everyone during Kimmel's interview with billionaire Mark Cuban, with whom Sheen has reportedly been in talks.

After making his grand entrance, Sheen grabbed Jimmy's face and planted a huge kiss right on the lips! Sheen declared, "I can't stay, I can't stay sorry... silence! I have a show to write damn it!"

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Before making his exit, the actor pulled out bags of his "Tiger's Blood" and "Winning" t-shirts and tossed them to the studio audience. The 45-year-old also had a present for the host and gave him a coffee mug with a fox on it. Sheen said, "I'll let you figure it out."

"Extra" recently spoke with Cuban, who confirmed that he will be working Sheen on something but not sure what it will be. "We're talking about a lot of different things. A TV show on HDNet, a documentary series. My suggestion to him is that he also goes back and does 'Two and a Half Men.'"

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen's appearance was all fun and games until he said, "That whore Sarah Silverman left this at my house," and slammed a toothbrush on Kimmel's desk. That last line was cut from the show with Kimmel saying he "felt it was insulting" to his ex.