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Kevin Costner on Playing Superman's Dad

"Extra" caught up with actor Kevin Costner at the Muhammad Ali Charity Fight Night and asked him about being cast as the superhero's surrogate father, Jonathan Kent, in the upcoming "Superman" reboot.

"I'm not giving any trade secrets, you gotta pay... How much is it now to go to a movie?" the actor laughed. "I look forward to making that movie, throwing our spin on it."

How about another "Dances with Wolves"? "I intend to make some more Western's because I just like making them," Costner admitted. And when asked about Charlie Sheen doing another "Major League" movie, Costner replied, "I hope he gets to make the things that he wants to make. I don't really need to weigh in on that so many people have."

Costner mainly wanted to praise Ali's efforts and said he was happy to be at the charity event, which raises money for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center. "What a great thing to be able to use your persona and your name to be able to raise money for people that you will never ever meet. To attack something that's so vicious as Parkinson, it's nice for all of us."