Lauren Bush Talks to 'Extra' About Feeding Our Small World

Model, activist, entrepreneur, and George W. Bush's niece Lauren Bush joined Mario Lopez at The Grove on Friday.

The bride-to-be is engaged to Ralph Lauren's son David, which prompted Mario to comment, "So you'll be Lauren Lauren." Bush replied, "Perhaps perhaps. What are the chances?"

Lauren answered a few questions from fans including having any political aspirations. She replied, "No, I really don't. I leave that up to the other family members but I am obviously supportive and very proud of my family."

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The FEED Projects' co-founder and CEO is also proud of her involvement in hunger relief efforts and her line of eco-friendly bags help feed tens of thousands of hungry children around the world. Lauren is teaming up with Disney and Nordstroms for a FEED Our Small World Bag with a number 500 on it. "Each bag you buy, for example, funds 500 children with vitamins for a year through UNICEF."

Visit your local Nordstroms or go to to purchase a FEED Our Small World eco-friendly bag.