Larry King on Life After 'Live': 'We Can Work Nursing Homes!'

Veteran journalist Larry King hung up his suspenders for "Larry King Live," but that doesn't mean he has retired from show business!

The former CNN talk show host spoke to "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli and said his life after "Live" has been "hectic." "I've been offered a lot of things. I've been in a lot of meetings," King explained.

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Among the offers, King revealed he may join Jon Stewart and the "The Daily Show" to do some specialty reporting. "Now they're talking, working out the deal. So yeah, I'll do that."

King says he is both "fascinated" and "feels sorry" for Charlie Sheen. Larry suggested "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest to replace Sheen in "Two and a Half Men" and laughed, "I recommend him for everything!"

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When asked whether he thinks Mel Gibson can bounce back from his personal troubles he replied, "There is a second act in America... you can come back."

What about Regis? Penacoli wanted to know if a buddy act with Philbin could happen in the near future. King joked, "Yeah, we can work nursing homes!"