Matthew Morrison on 'Summer Rain': 'It Was About an Ex'

"Glee's" charming teacher Matthew Morrison spoke to "Extra" about his new single, "Summer Rain," and how he came up with the lyrics.

"It was about an ex-girlfriend of mine in New York. She was a Broadway dancer and we had a great two-year relationship and she was awesome. She's married now, she has a kid, but she loves the song and is very happy I wrote it."

The singer admitted he contacted his ex and asked for her approval. "I actually sent it to her before it was released and everything. '[I asked] is this alright?' And she's like 'yeah.'"

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Many listeners have interpreted Morrison's song to mean he likes having sex in public! The romantic songwriter replied, "That's news to me. For me it's about being young and in love in New York City."

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Matthew, and the rest of the "Glee" cast are gearing up for their big finale to top off a second season filled with star-studded guest appearances. Morrison recalled Gwyneth Paltrow's return to the show and confessed, "She's a very good kisser. Chris Martin is a lucky man!"