Lifechanger Nurse Jamie Road Tests Temporary Tattoos

With many Hollywood celebs opting for permanent ink to display their body art, "Extra" Lifechanger Nurse Jamie Sherrill takes a closer look at the growing popularity of temporary tattoos.

"Chanel makes some amazing couture tattoos for only $75," Sherrill said. Iconic Chanel symbols were hand drawn by Peter Philips and are available on the Chanel website. Jamie shows off her temporary but realistic-looking tattoo from Chanel on her back.

A less expensive, and easier to find option, are Temptu Tattoos. For around $25 you can have body art that will last 2-5 days.

For the best results, Nurse Jamie advises putting the tattoo on clean skin and swabbing the area first with an alcohol pad to wipe off excess oil. Use setting powder after applying and after showering to keep it looking fresh. Lastly, avoid putting lotion on the area, and your tattoo can look great for up to a week!