Tyra Banks on Her New Fashion Venture

Former supermodel, TV producer, and talk show host Tyra Banks spoke with "Extra's" Mario Lopez about her latest fashion venture called

Created for the real woman who isn't a size 2 supermodel, users can get personalized information including makeup and fashion tips. Mario asked, "What does the 'F' stand for, by the way?" Banks replied, "The 'F' stands for anything you want it to stand for, honey. Fierce, fabulous, feline, ferocious!"

The talk show host, currently enrolled in Harvard Business School, went on to explain, "When you open up a magazine, it says you must look like this. If your booty is not this shape, and your leg is not toned, you cannot wear this... you're not good enough. Type F is a place where you can come and get your information that is personalized to you."

The talk show host admitted that exercise has not been her number one priority lately. "I just need to start lifting some weights because my booty is like... I can now put a pencil right here and it'll stay. That's not a good thing!"

As for what type of man Banks is looking for, she boldly told Mario, "[I want] a man with pecs, that make me want to rub them round and round."