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Mel Gibson Charged with Misdemeanor Battery

Actor/director Mel Gibson was expectedly charged Friday with misdemeanor battery stemming from his altercation with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Gibson pleaded no contest in a plea deal and will not see any jail time but must perform 16 hours of community service with a philanthropic organization, Mending Kids International, and undergo 52 weeks of counseling. The actor will not get credit for the counseling time he has accrued since January.

His attorney, Blair Berk, said in a previous statement that Gibson pursued a plea agreement with his children in mind, to spare them the media circus that would come with a trial.

"Extra's" Adrianna Costa spoke recently with Grigorieva's former bodyguard, Kris Herzog, who said he doesn't believe Oksana was a victim of domestic abuse. "I'm not a cheerleader for Mel Gibson, but I'm gonna tell the truth," and he added, "I have no reason to lie. No one's paying me zip. Zero. Nothing."