Nancy Grace Opens Up to 'Extra' at The Grove

"Swift Justice's" Nancy Grace joined Adrianna Costa at The Grove on Wednesday to talk about her children and the current situation with Lindsay Lohan, and she breathed a sigh of relief when she talked about a recent health scare.

The former Georgia prosecutor, who has a tough-as-nails TV persona, spends her down time with her twins, Lucy Elizabeth and John David. "[I'm like] every other mom who's trying to hold down a job and raise a family the best way she can, which is very hard." She also confesses she is a total softie!

Grace had some wise words for Lindsay Lohan's low-cut courtroom attire. "Number one... pull your shirt up, okay? We don't need to see all that!" If Lohan were her client, she would advise her to "Plead guilty and to make a public statement."

Nancy also experienced a cancer scare and recalled the terrifying moment. "They did a sonogram and found a very aggressive mass on my ovaries, and told me it could very likely be cancer. I had a very long surgery, [and] the first words my husband said when I came to were, 'No cancer.'"

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