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Gary Oldman on New 'Dark Knight' Movie: 'You Won't Be Disappointed'

Actor Gary Oldman sat down with "Extra" at the "Red Riding Hood" junket -- and gave a little insight into the upcoming Batman flick, "The Dark Knight Rises."

"It's all sort of top secret, but it's a great story," confessed Oldman, who plays Police Commissioner James Gordon in the series. "How are you going to top Heath Ledger and 'The Dark Knight'? Nolan has come up with a cracking script. It's got a scope to it and brings it back, connecting it with 'Batman Begins.' You won't be disappointed."

As for his role as the werewolf hunter in "Red Riding Hood," Oldman said he saw it as a "little Van Helsing, a little nod to Vincent Price." When asked if it's more fun being bad, the actor cited some of his good guys, like Gordon, and as Sirius Black in "Harry Potter." He does admit he is best known for his portrayal of a corrupt cop in "The Professional."

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