Christie Brinkley to 'Extra': 'This is the World According to Me'

Supermodel Christie Brinkley sat down with "Extra's" Terri Seymour to talk about her role as Roxie Hart in the Broadway hit musical, "Chicago." Christie told Terri, "I'm ready to dance! Here I go!"

Terri asked the talented beauty if she would ever consider "Dancing with the Stars." Brinkley replied, "First thing's first. I've got four weeks to hit my marks. I mean, I'm just starting!"

Christie went on to tell "Extra" how she feels about the Charlie Sheen media craze. "One of the saddest things about the whole mess is our appetite for watching people melt down like this. Shouldn't we be getting this guy the help he needs?"

Regis Philbin's retirement from "Live" sparked Brinkley's thoughts on marriage. "We will miss Reege, but Kelly could just do it all. Why get married to somebody? That's what I like to think. I should have followed that advice sooner!"

Christie kicks up her heels in "Chicago" on April 4.