'Red Riding Hood's' Amanda Seyfried Sits Down with 'Extra'

Actress Amanda Seyfried opened up to "Extra" about her new film -- the spooky version of the children's story of "Red Riding Hood," directed by "Twilight's" Catherine Hardwicke. The 24-year-old said she enjoyed working on the film, although staring at a piece of wood, which was supposed to be the bloodcurdling CGI wolf, proved to be difficult. "I had to trick my body into anxiety," she admitted.

Working with Hardwicke was a wonderful experience for Seyfried, who said of her director, "She's magical and passionate and energized beyond belief."

Amanda recalled she wasn't allowed to wear the red cloak outside the set because of the always-present paparazzi. The actress revealed, "The paparazzi, they don't really encroach on my personal life. They catch me doing mundane things... going to the gym, dropping my dog off, getting a facial... I just smile because they hate that."

The fairytale redo will be in theaters near your house on Friday, March 11.