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Celebs Sound-Off on Charlie Sheen

"Extra" talked with stars Alec Baldwin, Jenny McCarthy and Donald Trump about Charlie Sheen -- and each had their own words of encouragement for the actor.

Catching up with Trump Tuesday in NYC, he said he had warned Brooke Mueller's family not to let her marry Sheen. "I told them, 'Don't let this happen.'... and I love Charlie!"

Speaking with McCarthy at the Knockout Autism at Hollywood Fight Night event Monday, she said, "It's obvious that he's going through a little bit of a breakdown, and one thing I can do for him is send prayers and thoughts."

Baldwin, who was being honored by the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC Monday, thought Sheen just needed some rest. "I think Charlie just needs a good night's sleep. He seems wound a little tight."

"Extra" Lifechanger Dr. Drew Pinsky believes Sheen is suffering from "hypomania." He explained, "Irritability, pressured speech, grandiose gestures add up to something called hypomania. The problem with hypomania is that it slips into mania. It's a psychiatric emergency."

For now, Sheen wants to assure his fans that he's doing fine, saying on the "Today" show, "Don't be worried, don't be worried, celebrate this movement... I will not let you down."

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