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Quotable Quotes from the Oscar Winners

"Extra" was backstage at the 2011 Oscars -- getting all the reactions from this year's winners!

Quotes from the 2011 Oscar Winners

Melissa Leo, Best Supporting Actress

On dropping the f-bomb during her acceptance speech: "I had no idea. Those words, I apologize to anyone that they offend. There's a great deal of the English language that is in my vernacular." On Kirk Douglas presenting her award: "You know, it's really funny, you know, because he's an old actor. If anybody is an actor, he's an actor, right? And actually, he was doing us all this huge favor, because the longer he strung it out, the calmer I got to be. I got to take more than one glance over at Amy, who was sitting just in front of me away from where he was... so he strung it out in a rather delightful way for me and actually allowed my heart rate — that had gotten fairly high as the category was announced — to settle a little bit and wait and see what the envelope said."

Christian Bale, Best Supporting Actor

On missing his "The Fighter" co-star Melissa Leo's acceptance speech: "I was out in the bar with Dickie and my wife, thinking that it was like the other awards where you just walk on in and go out and unfortunately missed Melissa's acceptance speech because they wouldn't let me in. I was literally banging on the door with Dickie going, 'Let us in!' I missed the F-bomb. But, you know, I've laid down many of them myself before. So I think I know what it was all about." More Batman soon? "I mean, I'm in the middle of filming a movie in China right now. When I finish the movie in China, it's straight on to Batman. So absolutely, much more Batman." Any comment on Charlie Sheen? "Like I said, I've been in China. Seriously, it's been impossible. Just no idea."

Aaron Sorkin, Best Adapted Screenplay

On seeing his words acted out in "The Social Network": "I grew up worshiping the movie 'The Graduate' and I always wondered what it must have felt like for Buck Henry to see Dustin Hoffman just do it for the first time, do Benjamin Braddock for the first time in rehearsal. And I don't wonder anymore. I know exactly how he felt because I've seen Jesse do it, and I've seen Andrew do it, Justin, Armie and his cast do it. I know under the guidance of David Fincher, who just did a mind blowing job with an incredibly talented but very, very young cast... It was a triumph of teamwork." What next? "Well, I'll be very candid with you... I've been hyper aware that whatever I write next is going to be the thing I wrote after 'The Social Network.' I'm going to spend tonight enjoying this and tomorrow starting something new. I think that's what I have to do. I just have to keep writing, keep doing what I've always been doing which is writing, trying to write something that I like, something that I think my friends will like, something that I think my father would like and then keep my fingers crossed that enough other people will like it that I can earn a living."

David Seidler, Best Original Screenplay

On championing stutterers in "The King's Speech": "People still have the archaic notion that we stutterers were feeble minded simply because it is difficult to articulate our thoughts. I've been flooded with the most wonderful e-mails, phone calls, text messages from my fellow stutterers. I'm still a stutterer and hearing personal stories moves me to tears. I'll give you one example. A speech therapist spoke to me just a few days ago that one of her clients, a teenage girl, was being terribly bullied for stuttering. What do most of these stutterers do when we're bullied? We keep quiet because how can we talk back? That's the very thing they tease us about. But this girl was determined not to take it. And the therapist said she asked her, "What made the difference? Normally, you just remain passive." And the girl said, "Because I have a voice!" On "The King's Speech" putting the Royals on the map again: "I don't think the Royal Family needs me to put them on the map. They've done that very well over countless centuries. I'm not actually a monarchist, and I guess there goes my knighthood. Nor am I anti-monarchist; I'm a pragmatist when it comes to these things. Many years ago when I was political adviser to the prime minister of Fiji, part of my duties was to accompany him on official functions and saw the Royals at work; it's a miserable job. None of you would want to have that job. It is really hard work. They do an amazing, amazing job."

Randy Newman, Best Original Song

On being a two-time Oscar winner: "It's pretty sweet both times. This is really very nice. I totally didn't expect it. You know, last year, I was nominated for a couple of songs from 'Princess & the Frog,' but I knew I wouldn't win. This time, I thought I might. It didn't help me prepare anything to say, but it was very nice, as it always is, when people want to give you something." What next? "I would like to still get better, you know. What I have been doing since I was 15 is writing songs and making records. There's a lot of evidence that people do their best work before they're 25, you know. These pants are 25 years olf. And my last record I thought was good and not inferior to anything I've done. I like to get better at that, at what I am doing. And writing music is difficult, I find. And there's a lot of challenges to it just inherent in the field. It's just not easy for me."

Lee Unkrich, Best Animated Feature

On celebrating with the Pixar folks: "To be honest, I am not planning on sleeping tonight for one. And then tomorrow sometime early afternoon, we are all going to hop on a plane back up to Pixar, and I think we are going to have a huge party back at Pixar. It's very exciting for all of us." On his grandmother's inspiration: "When I was making the first 'Toy Story,' which I edited, she got cancer, and I rushed home to see her because it was clear she was not going to be around long. And there was a moment where I looked at her for the very last time, and I knew that that was the last time I was seeing my grandmother alive, and I took kind of a mental snapshot at that moment before I turned away and left. And I always carry that with me now, and when we were making 'Toy Story 3,' there's a moment at the end of the film where Andy gets back in his car, and he kind of looks back at his toys one last time before he drives off to college, and I told this story to my animators, and Mike Arndt, my writer, everybody, and I would like to think in my heart that the moment is infused with just a deeper level of emotion because of that because I told that story."

Natalie Portman, Best Actress

On naming her baby Oscar: "I think that's probably definitely out of the question, yeah...But the baby was definitely kicking a lot during the song portion of the show, a little dancer." On her new role as mother and what that means: "I have no idea. I mean, it's one of the most exciting things about being pregnant is that I just I'm accepting the complete unknown; it's a complete mystery and miracle. And, yeah, it's really just accepting that I have no idea, which is what all of us live every day." On her dreams for the future: "The next dream I have in terms of very short term future is staying in bed, not having to do my makeup or hair, and keeping my sweats on, relaxing. And for my child, I mean, just to be happy and healthy I think is what every parent could ever wish for."

Colin Firth, Best Actor

On his acceptance speech about losing control: "I was struggling with the containment in that moment and I think I need some quality time alone. I don't think this is the particular forum to display that. Anyone having seen 'Mamma Mia' will know what I'm talking about." On just being Colin for awhile: "Yeah, I've started having fantasies about what I'll do, I'll have to talk to you about. I think I'm going to cook a lot. I don't think I'm particularly good at it, but I'm going to inflict my cooking on anybody within range, but I tend to find that's a very good way to decompress. I'll probably be the only one eating it but that's what I'm going to do." On possibly getting invited to the Royal wedding: "As I understand it, the invitations have already gone out. Mine might have gotten lost in the post somewhere."