'Extra' Welcomes Piers Morgan to The Grove

Making his first appearance at The Grove, talk show host Piers Morgan spoke about being "overexposed," his Twitter wars, and potential famous guests.

Piers Tells "Extra," "I Have My Own Style"

Morgan responded to Larry King's comment of being "oversold," saying, "It's like, how do you undersell yourself? We're in Hollywood man, and you have to sort of sell yourself with a big bang, I think."

Speaking of big bang, the CNN host openly dished about his Twitter feud with Howard Stern. "He keeps calling himself the king of all media, and I'm like, 'Howard you're like President Mubarak, you elected yourself to the title -- nobody voted you king of all media. I've come along, I'm gonna take you down, and like Mubarak, you'll be gone by Christmas.'"

As for his show, Piers said he would ask a possible guest such as Lady Gaga: "How did you feel about being outsold last year by Susan Boyle, who I discovered, of course."

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