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Alyssa Milano Says She's Craving 'Broccoli'

At the "Hall Pass" premiere, "Extra" talked babies with stars Christina Applegate, Owen Wilson -- and newly pregnant Alyssa Milano.

"I'm craving broccoli," Milano revealed. "How weird is that?" The actress said she isn't sure of the baby's gender yet, but she'll "probably" find out.

Meanwhile, Applegate is in the wonderful throes of early motherhood, head over heels for her baby daughter Sadie, telling "Extra," "Anyone who's gone through having a double mastectomy knows that first of all, you've had an amputation," Christina explained. "But with Sadie, it just didn't matter in that moment. I just said eff it. This is her favorite place to be!"

As for Wilson, his new son, Robert Ford, has already become comedy fodder. "For his first birthday, it will be a Ford Fiesta! See? I'm already using this kid for laughs."

The laughs will continue when "Hall Pass" opens in theaters Friday.