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Nicole Kidman Reveals Fertility Problems on '60 Minutes'

Actress Nicole Kidman gave an emotional interview with "Australian 60 Minutes" correspondent Karl Stefanovic, talking about the troubles she has had getting pregnant -- and about her new baby girl, Faith.

"I've had a very roller coaster ride with fertility. It's never been easy for me," Kidman admitted.


The Oscar-winning actress explained she and her husband, country singer Keith Urban, wanted a sibling for big sister Sunday Rose, 2. "I couldn't get pregnant and we wanted another baby," Kidman said, finding the solution with a surrogate. "She was the most wonderful woman to do this for us. And we were in a place of desperately wanting another child and this opportunity arose for us. And I get emotional just talking about it 'cause I'm so grateful to her. I cannot believe I'm now crying on '60 Minutes.'"

Kidman said the bond between all of her children is undeniable -- including adopted kids Isabella, 18, and Connor, 16 (who live with Kidman's first husband, Tom Cruise). "You'll die for your children, and when you feel that as a parent, that's the unconditional love," the actress professed. "So to now be in this place where I have two gorgeous adopted children and two biological children, I can't believe that's what's happened in my life, you know."

The modest Kidman also can't believe all the career accolades she receives, including her Best Actress nomination for her turn as a grief-stricken mom in "Rabbit Hole." "I don't think I'm a great actress. I think I have moments when I can tap into something deep. I don't see it as greatness at all."

Look for Kidman at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, airing Sunday, February 27.