Little Known Facts about Kate Middleton

With the royal wedding just a few short months away, "Extra" has gathered a few interesting tidbits about the future Royal Highness, courtesy of Yahoo.

Little Known Facts about Kate Middleton

Prince's Bride

At the age of 29, Kate will be the oldest royal bride.

Royal Value

The sheer dress that Kate modeled years ago at a St. Andrews University fashion show will be worth $160K after she is wed, even though it cost a mere $40 to create!

Sport of Princesses

Middleton is an accomplished tennis player and a regular Wimbledon-goer with her mother, Carole.

No Horsing Around

Kate is allergic to horses, but her future in-laws own dozens of horses and are avid equestrians.

All in the Family

William and Kate are distantly related! They are 12th cousins once removed.