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Exclusive: Rihanna on Touring with Cee Lo and the 'S&M' Video

Pumped after her halftime performance at the NBA All-Star game Saturday, singer Rihanna talked exclusively with "Extra's" Adrianna Costa about her upcoming concert tour, crushing on Gwyneth Paltrow -- and the controversy surrounding her racy "S&M" music video.

On her "Loud" tour, Rihanna gushed, "Cee Lo is coming on the road with me which is really, really exciting. Having him on tour with me will be amazing. It's gonna be even bigger than my last tour, which I didn't think it could get any better. I told Cee Lo he has to bring the Muppets and Gwyneth Paltrow."

Rihanna added, "I love her. She's got the baddest shoe game in the business!"

The singer also commented on her "S&M" video, which has been banned in 11 countries for its sexual content. "I think the ban worked out," laughed RiRi. "I don't think people would've been that curious if there wasn't some controversy involved or connected to it. 'S&M' is my favorite video that I've ever, ever, ever done. I can't wait to keep making more incredible videos and beatin' them out every time. 'S&M is gonna be a hard one to beat.'"