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Emily Blunt Ribs 'Extra' at 'The Adjustment Bureau' Premiere

Actress Emily Blunt isn't going to let "Extra" correspondent Steve Santagati off the hook that easily.

In the junket interviews for her new thriller "The Adjustment Bureau," co-starring Matt Damon, Santigati put his foot in his mouth when he asked the actress, who plays a slim ballerina in the film, if she missed being "toned" -- which she took as him telling her she was "chunky."

At the film's premiere, Blunt incredulously asked Santigati what he was doing there! Remembering their previous conversation, Blunt kidded, "Basically, what did you do? You said I was a pink girly girl -- and that I looked fat."

Check out the red carpet banter!

"The Adjustment Bureau" opens March 4.