Simon Cowell Tells 'Extra' Why 'X Factor' Is Not 'Idol'

In a recent London interview with "Extra's" Terri Seymour, Simon Cowell gave details about why his new show, "X Factor," will never be confused with "American Idol."

"American Idol" Finale 2010

Contestants young and old will be happy to discover there's no age limit for the show. "You can't put an upper age limit on talent. It's crazy to do that." The audition process is also different. Rather than perform in front of a small panel of judges, contestants must bring their A-game in front of a giant audience!

"X Factor" also welcomes groups, so it's no longer a solo act. Simon explained, "I think there's a massive gap in the market at the moment for a great boy group or a great girl group."

Cowell also tells Terri he plans on being involved in both the UK and US "X Factor" shows, which means a special rocket is in order! "We're in the process of building a rocket and it's literally going to fly us from L.A. to London in an hour. It hasn't been tested yet, but that's the idea."