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Mark Sanchez to 'Extra': 'I Keep My Private Life Private'

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez may not be pleased to have his name in the tabloids.

Reports surfaced on Deadspin.com that the 24-year-old NFL player allegedly had a fling with a 17-year-old high school girl, Eliza Kruger, the daughter of a wealthy financier. She gave the deets to the website, saying she had late-night texts from Sanchez, whom she met at a New Year's Eve party, plus pictures of the bed she allegedly shared with the Jets superstar.

"Extra's" Adrianna Costa spoke with Sanchez this past Super Bowl weekend, before the allegations went public, and he told her he wasn't dating anyone at the moment. "I've just been so busy with the season. I'm just trying to relax."

The football player did comment on how social media has changed things. "Stories just spin outta control," he said, adding, "I keep my private life private."

Others are weighing in on the story, including Donald Trump, who told "Extra," "He's a great guy. Everybody loves him. This guy is just a very popular man with the women, but he can not be a nicer person." Gayle King added, "What I don't get is why do you want to post pictures on the Internet why do you want to say to everybody yes i was here. I don't get it!"

TV Judge Jeanne Pirro added, "If it's true the two did sleep together, Sanchez didn't do anything legally wrong."