'Extra's' Terri Seymour Meets with 'X Factor's' Simon Cowell in London

Terri Seymour joined Simon Cowell in London to get the latest on who will judge his new show, "X Factor." Cowell will reveal the judges in a few weeks, but gave Terri a few hints.

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When asked how he felt about Nicole Scherzinger as a potential judge, Simon replied, "What I like about Nicole... she started off as a competitor on one of these shows. She is a killer; she is really ambitious." Cowell went on to say that he "likes Usher," a post-Super Bowl Christina Aguilera is a "no," and Ricky Martin is "interesting." He also loves Fergie, who he believes is "one of the most underrated performers."

Another hopeful still in the running for "X Factor" is former "Idol" judge Paula Abdul. Cowell told Terri, "Paula has made it clear she wants to do the show, but you have to put her in the mix with other potential judges... a lot of people make decisions... she is still in there."

Regarding this season's "American Idol," Simon admitted, "I've seen about three or four minutes... I haven't seen a full episode yet." He added, "I think they're doing the right thing, it's different than the show we used to do. It's much sweeter, warmer, nicer, more apple pie, fuzzier, it's like a bowl of soup or one of those blankets you put your arms in... it's cozy."

With a $5-million prize at stake, Simon says he's all about making a show that's different, watchable, and full of talented hopefuls.

What other big names were thrown around during Terri's interview with Simon? Watch the video and find out!