Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

From "Where's the Beef?" to Betty White needing a Snickers bar, to the newest Darth Vader, here are the top 10 Super Bowl ads of all time!

10 Best Super Bowl Commercials

10. Budweiser Wasabi

Remember the "Wassup" commercials? Here's a hilarious twist from 2000.

9. Cindy Crawford's Pepsi Commerical

In this one from 1991, supermodel Crawford simply downs a Pepsi. Pretty sure about half the male population decided to have a Pepsi right afterwards.

8. The Budweiser Frogs

They're cute - and the drink beer. Perfect.

7. Wendy's 'Where's the Beef?'

This little old lady from the classic 1984 commercial might be the most oft-quoted — and most annoying — person of all time.

6. Apple Macintosh

No Super Bowl commercial is more culturally significant that the 1984 Apple Macintosh ad, kick starting the technology revolution.

5. McDonald's: Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan

This 1993 commercial shows two NBA giants playing horse - among other things.

4. Britney Spear's Pepsi Commercial

The singer drinks Pepsi through the decades in this 2007 ad. Ah, Britney, we miss you so.

3. Coke's Mean Joe Greene

Going back to 1979, this might be the first truly great and memorable Super Bowl commercial.

2. E*Trade Baby Commericals

So many to choose from, all of them are hilarious. This one is from 2009.

1. Betty White's Snickers Commercial

Honestly, what did we ever do for comedy before Betty White?