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Jennifer Garner Wants Her Kids to Have a 'Healthy Relationship with Food'

Actress and mom Jennifer Garner loves to cook for her family and lets her kids eat what they want -- in moderation.

"We eat ice cream and candy, yummy snacks are not banned from the house," Garner explained to "Extra's" Adrianna Costa at the launch of the Kid's Cooking Academy, sponsored by Frigidaire. "But it's in moderation. I also always put out crudités, with different dips to try. I want them to have a healthy relationship with food."


Garner also feels strongly about supporting her charity, Save the Children, working with Frigidaire on this important cause. "Frigidaire is encouraging families to get in the kitchen, and get the kids involved and all cook together," the actress said. "And when you go on Frigidaire.com and check out the Kid's Cooking Academy, $1 is donated toward their $500,000 donation towards Save the Children!"

Garner will star in the upcoming comedy "Arthur" with Russell Brand.