FOX News Journalists Attacked in Egypt

As the violence in Cairo escalates, American reporters are finding themselves caught in harm's way, with news from Tahrir Square that several FOX news reporters were seriously injured Wednesday.

FOX News Channel's foreign correspondent Greg Palkot and producer/cameraman Olaf Wiig suffered severe injuries while covering the unrest in the Egyptian capital. Palkot was badly beaten and Wiig has a possible broken jaw. Both have been hospitalized.

In the US, FOX News correspondent John Roberts commented on-air Thursday, detailing what happened to the field reporters:

"They were forced to leave their position when a Molotov cocktail was thrown, and a large fire erupted. They were forced to flee. They ran out and ran right into the pro Mubarak crowd and were severely beaten. The extent of their injuries was fairly grave, however, they have been released from the hospital."

Watch more of Roberts' report.

CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC News reporter Christiane Amanpour were also confronted by angry mobs Wednesday but were unharmed. Cooper tweeted Thursday that the vehicle he and his CNN crew were traveling in was set upon and attacked. "Situation on ground in #egypt very tense. Vehicle I was in attacked. My window smashed. All ok."