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Julianne Hough: Got Milk? Yes, But No Ring!

"Extra" caught up with actress/dancer Julianne Hough at the launch of her "Got Milk?" campaign to talk about her BF Ryan Seacrest -- and the rumor that her brother Derek has left "Dancing with the Stars" for good.

When asked if she and Seacrest were getting serious, Hough laughed, "Have I got any jewelry on my hands? I don't think so. No, not on my fingers, no," adding, "I would love to get married and have kids eventually in my life. We'll see. We kinda both work really hard, but it works. We make the time."

And how about the scuttlebutt that her brother, Derek Hough, is leaving "DWTS"? Hough explained, "Just this season, I gotta make that clear. He's not leaving the show, just taking a season off. Trust me, I know how it feels, because you go back to back-to-back and you're like, 'I am so brain dead I can't even think about another step to do and choreograph.' I'm so proud of my brother."

Hough is very excited about her Got Milk's Power of 9 campaign, which highlights the nine essential nutrients that can help empower teens to reach for the stars. "When they came to me, I was like, 'Oh my gosh please! I grew up watching all of those athletes and Olympians and everybody on those ads, and I looked up to them. And of course, the Power of 9 is such a cool thing for young girls to feel very empowered and uplifted and confident about something and strive for something. I'm excited to help launch that."