Oprah's Closest Pals: 'Don't Reveal Half-Sister'

After Monday's jaw-dropping family secret had been revealed on "Oprah," Ms. Winfrey followed up with a guest appearance on her best friend Gayle King's television talk show on Tuesday.

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Winfrey, who is "taking it slow" in getting to know her half-sister Patricia, invited Patricia to her house for dinner the night before the episode was taped.

The TV mogul also said Gayle and partner Stedman Graham never wanted her to go public with her family secret. "Neither Stedman nor you [Gayle] wanted me to go public with it. I kept saying 'Well, I don't want this story to be ruled by the tabloids,' and he [Stedman] was saying, 'So what, nobody believes the tabloids,' I go, 'But it's true!'"