Howard Stern Lets Loose with 'Piers Morgan'

Shock jock Howard Stern naturally spoke his mind on "Piers Morgan Tonight" Tuesday night, talking about politics, his dad -- even ribbing Morgan himself.

"I like you. ... But who the hell knows what you're going to do on here. They tell me you're a journalist. What is your background? Tell the world," Stern began. When Morgan insisted he's been a journalist for 25 years in his native England, Stern quipped, "To be successful in England that's very nice. But England's the size of Philadelphia. To conquer England it takes about two days."

The Sirius XM radio show host went on to talk about how he struggled for his father's respect, how he likes Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, how he doesn't like Jay Leno -- and why his run for governor was brief ("I would be an awful politician.") Watch the clip!

Stern also discussed his friend David Arquette's candid confessions on his show about his split with Courteney Cox. "People blew up what he said. It completely backfired," Stern explained. "No, I didn't feel guilty, but I checked in on him as a friend to see if he was okay about it."

"Piers Morgan Tonight" airs weekdays at 9:00 PM ET on CNN.