Morrison, Lynch Give 'Extra' a Preview of 'Glee' Katie Couric Episode!

"Extra" talked to "Glee" stars Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch at the Television Critics Assn. FOX event and got the TV teachers to give us a lesson on what's coming up for the show.

Morrison couldn't reveal too many details on the Katie Couric episode, but did say the news anchor can cut a rug. "I did do a little dance with her. We just got together and were kind of dancing. She actually taught me some moves, a thing called the pretzel, do you know the pretzel? I can't even do it, you're all locked up and you're going crazy! I'm impressed."

Lynch, on the other hand, freely divulged how her character -- the conniving Sue Sylvester - interacts with Couric. [SPOILER ALERT] "Katie shows up to interview Sue Sylvester. Sue thinks she's there for the '10 Most Fascinating People.' Couric explains that's Barbara Walters and that she's there to interview for the year's Biggest Loser. Apparently, I won over Lindsay Lohan, and Lindsay Lohan's mother, and then her dog, who is apparently a loser. No one plays Katie Couric better than Katie Couric!"

The funnylady also explained what happens to Sue during the Super Bowl episode. "She throws a hissy fit the likes of which no one has ever seen. She's told she can't shoot Britney [Heather Morris] out of a human cannon because of insurance reasons, and she can't believe it. She tears up the principal's office, and just when you think she's had enough and she's panting, she shows up in the locker room and starts tearing that up, weights and stuff. Yeah, it's going to be awesome!"

"Glee" returns with a vengeance Feb. 6 after the Super Bowl on FOX.